Twitter and the #IranElection

I’ll admit…I used to be one of those that looked at twitter for the first time, and just thought it was worthless. I joined, I made a few tweets, added a few friends, and that was about it. Used it at Microsoft PDC to find out some cool events going on, but that was really it.

The Iran crisis has shown how powerful and useful it is a communications mechanism. I wonder if the founders ever thought it could be used like this, or if they only were thinking about making some cool web 2.0 website to impress their friends. The flow of information just simply cannot be stopped, and it’s failing in all of these countries like Iran, China, and other’s that feel the need to censor what their citizens can know about. The use of VPN, proxy servers, Tor, and other future technologies will make this next to impossible for governments to do this.

The world is watching what is happening in Iran through twitter, and Facebook, and Flickr, doing what the traditional media members cannot do right now. It’s a historical moment to see both the events in Iran, and how they are being broadcast out to the world.

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